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Successful business owner, consultant, mentor, and serial entrepreneur

With more than a decade of experience in starting new ventures, Michael Clark’s success has been publicly recognized by several prestigious organizations. In 2011, he received Pulse magazine’s award for “People to Watch”; and the following year he won Worcester Business Journal’s “Business Profile Owner” award, as well as being a recipient of Worcester Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” section. Most recently he was noted in the publication’s “Best of Business” award section in 2016.

In 2004 Clark founded Cinch IT, serving as CEO for 11 years. Cinch IT sells computer hardware, software, and managed services plans to some 100 clients. Around the same time, he also launched Clark Empire, a sister company that took care of Cinch IT’s marketing presence. Clark Empire is still operating today with Clark at the helm, while Cinch IT was sold in 2015 when, at the time, the business was generating in excess of US$2million p/a.

Not limiting himself to a single sector, Clark has also founded: A junk removal company; A waxing business called, Waxing in the City; A training and coaching venture for start-ups called, Mike Clark Training; And an exotic car rental company called, StatusRide. StatusRide grew to generate annual revenue of more than US$1million over four years before being acquired in 2013.

Throughout his self-made career, Clark has openly shared his skills and inspiration with others looking to achieve their own business goals. Culminating his expertise, Clark’s latest venture, 1 on 1 Networking, provides a new approach to networking groups that incorporates interesting social media tactics and expert guidance for nurturing newfound connections.

On a personal front, Clark’s passion is to help homeless and abused dogs. He works with agencies in Aruba that find homes for homeless dogs by flying a dog with him back to the US for placement each time he travels for vacation.  He continues to donate money and provide free technical support to multiple non-profit agencies championing this cause.

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What my clients have to say

Michael is an expert in his field. His knowledge cannot be matched. Michael is very hardworking and does not stop until he gets the job done. He is patient and a great communicator. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking into him.

Jessica Perry

We have worked with Mike Clark and his team for a long time. All of their work is very personalized. Keep up the good work guys, here's to the start of a great partnership!

Vanessa Whitaker

I’ve never met Mike in person but we have worked together for a few years. We originally called on Mike for assistance in marketing a new online business. It was scary at first to work with someone remotely but after a few conversations we felt very comfortable. He has helped us create marketing funnels that drive people to our site. We had no idea what a funnel was before we talked to him but he helped us create a great revenue driving online business.

S T Brown

I can highly recommend Mike Clark’s mentoring and training. He helped me get my business started and profitable a lot faster than I would have ever been able to. His marketing ideas were a huge help as well as his experience on what works and what’s a waste of time and money. He taught me many tricks to streamline my business so I can have more time with my family.

Angela Tamara

We hired Mike and his team to assistance with promoting our company through social media. We were familiar with boosting posts but did not know how to put together a full marketing plan. He was able to put together a plan quickly and his experience with online marketing gave us the edge we were looking for. Mike is a pleasure to work with and his dry humor is certainly a nice added value. 

Brett Lewis

Michael is the true definition of an Entrepreneur. I know very few people with his drive and passion for helping others start businesses. I highly recommend Michael to anyone that is looking for assistance in starting a business or needs online marketing help.

Deborah Bligh

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