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Many networking groups still follow the same model of putting a group of people in a room and expecting magic to happen or assigning only one person per field in hopes of referrals. While these models have worked well for some and still do, 1 on 1 networking is an innovative way to harness 30 minute 1 on 1 conversations to learn as much as you can about the other person in business, personal, activities, etc. This is the true embodiment of that person.

We are looking for new members as well as new chapter founders. If you are interested please visit 1on1Networking.com or contact me.


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Michael is an expert in his field. His knowledge cannot be matched. Michael is very hardworking and does not stop until he gets the job done. He is patient and a great communicator. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking into him.

Jessica Perry

We have worked with Mike Clark and his team for a long time. All of their work is very personalized. Keep up the good work guys, here's to the start of a great partnership!

Vanessa Whitaker

I’ve never met Mike in person but we have worked together for a few years. We originally called on Mike for assistance in marketing a new online business. It was scary at first to work with someone remotely but after a few conversations we felt very comfortable. He has helped us create marketing funnels that drive people to our site. We had no idea what a funnel was before we talked to him but he helped us create a great revenue driving online business.

S T Brown

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